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Hi, I have updated that rough pic according to your notes. Let me know if you choose me to do the final illustration. Then I will ink and colour this for you. Cheers

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    Sorry, think my last message got cut off so sorry if you get this twice. We are almost there! Very close! A few comments from our panel to finish it off and then we will simply award you as contest winner. 1.) Can we please have a noticeable denim stitch line down middle of leg on jeans. 2.) Can we please pull up the belt line to where the underwear line is now so that no underwear shows. 3.) Can we have some artistic representation that sound is coming from the box, our product is a noisemaker box that makes fart sounds...silly I know but apparently there is a market for this! 4.) One panel member would like to see the hair a little more spiked up (others like the current version) so I guess we need to see it spiked a little to compare and make a decision. 5.) nothing in background please as we need to place on packaging.

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    1. ackers23
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      Cool, I'm on it. Will get back to you ASAP. Any idea what sound you want coming out the box? "Paaarp!" "Faaart!" "Pbbbbbbt!" Something like that? I can't think of many other onomatopoeic fart sounds off the top of my head.

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