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Storyboard 2

This one is with spruced up graphics, colorful icons and effects on list items

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  • viktorbublic
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    Thanks for rating my design. If you should need banner soon feel free to close the contest and I can have banner ready for you monday. Also I'd like to know is it AdWords campaign or other publisher, because Google does not let you loop the banner over and over. One, maybe two passes and that's it. In case we can't loop the banner, I'd let all the icons flyby as described and for the final scene have all the icons visible side by side. And I was thinking for the icons
    personal loan - little messenger style guy
    car loan and house - allready there
    travel loan - an airplane
    education - diploma with college hat
    saving plan - piggy bank or bag with money sign
    credit card - several credit cards
    accounts - not sure, perhaps a vallet
    foreclosure - forclosure/for sale lampost sign
    jobs - little guy with hard hat or spanner with hammer

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