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Animation storyboard

This is the storyboard for flash banner. If you need adwords campaign logo everything applies except for the loop.

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  • gmct
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 8 vuotta sitten

    its a very nice idea but the colors are dull ... you used only one color . maybe if you used colored car and house it would be much nicer. also limit the text used to one sentence such as : looking for the best car loan offered by banks ? (click here) and
    looking for the best housing loan ? (click here)

    • 8 vuotta sitten
    1. viktorbublic
      • 8 vuotta sitten

      Thanks for the comments. I tried to follow website color scheme, but I'll add more colors. And you gave me an idea to highlight sentences, so I'll provide next ST soon.

      • 8 vuotta sitten