HOWTO for installing Ubuntu Precise VM on top of Ganeti/Xen/lenny

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Research, find, and/or write a mini-HOWTO for installing and running an Ubuntu Precise DomU virtual machine on top of Xen, using Debian lenny as the Dom0 host and Ganeti 2.3.1 as the management tool. The audience is me, a senior sysadmin with a couple decades of experience.

If you don't know what a "mini-HOWTO document" means in the Linux world, then please don't try to enter this contest. I need an ASCII text document -- see below. Screenshots will be rejected.

If you have little or no experience with Xen and Ganeti, then please don't try to enter this contest. I need an entry that solves the problem described -- see below. Screen dumps of you trying to learn Linux are not valid entries, and will be rejected.

We currently have a Xen/lenny/Ganeti cluster running in production with several nodes and a couple dozen debian VMs, mostly lenny or older, all running the same kernel as the host nodes. I've tweaked the contents of /usr/share/ganeti/os/debootstrap/ and /etc/default/ganeti-instance-debootstrap so the 'gnt-node add' command will install an Ubuntu Precise image for the new VM. But it doesn't boot -- it's failing in mounts, and complaining about pty devices not found. I don't see anything in the guest's /etc/fstab about /sys or /dev, and I suspect either that something's missing that should have been put there by 'gnt-node add', and/or the host's lenny-era kernel is incompatible with the guest's much newer Precise filesystem.

I could figure this out myself, but I'm finding that I don't have the time -- it's been dragging on my to-do list for the last several days, and every time I've dug into the Ganeti docs to find out how to install a different kernel for a single guest, I don't get very far before getting another interrupt.

I'd recommend that whoever tackles this have plenty of experience with Xen and Ganeti, and preferably with deb-based Linux distributions such as Debian and Ubuntu. You may need to spend time talking to folks in the Ganeti and Xen forums and IRC, and for all I know there's some help available on Server Fault as well.

Work product is an ASCII text HOWTO document, probably only a page or two including references, in the spirit of any other Linux mini-HOWTO. I will be testing this myself, and will award the contest to the most complete and helpful entry received.

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  • skhohlov
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Hello Steve,
    I've not worked with ganeti but 'm working with another virtualization solutions based on XEN and kvm. Your issue is related wrong root partitions . Old debian has hda as device , new version has sda. You also hit this problem if you would like to upgrade from debian 5.0 to debian 6.0
    VM also hang on by virtue of enebled ACPI but it is minor.
    It is easy to fix issue by checking guest .cfg file.
    Also I'm working on cloud management panel in case of you interesting I can send detail.

    • 9 vuotta sitten

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