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Courtyard that unites

Renovation accents the style of Modern Georgia architecture and combines it with Nordic / Scandinavian simplicity and elegance. Emphasizing importance of dividing privacy and gathering spaces, as well the width and air for separate functions. The high and spacious main entrance hall is meeting place for business (office space), family gathering, reception of gusts, daily needs, and a rest. Family courtyard, as we designed it, creates privacy from other properties. It combines separated living space and dining room, as well unites existing architectural volume with new. It brings a beautiful inner garden and beautiful view from master bedroom, that is separated from other rooms with extra hidden entrance from garage entrance hall. The second-floor "center" is designed to become into another meeting point. Playing and audio room can be combined in one area or be separated with moving wall. On the sides are three bedrooms with bathroom, toilet and walk in wardrobe for all rooms.

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