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Adjust for some required and improvement

Hello sir, I'm sorry for upload it too late. I have adjust and add somethings. 1. The main page ( JA Blog Contest.png ) Adding Google and Facebook button to login / share ( share or login, you can choose ) The description change to breadcums The name of blog change to Page Header The subscribe change to follow for social intergration. 2. The inside post page ( remain picture ) This will have fully social intergration such as addthis, and right side button to share, below have comment system ( or you can use facebook comment ) so i would like to ask again that why people can share in main page even they not read or not fully read it, so i do that and hope you accept it, also i add in main page too if you don't like that. And the tags will large by the time, so i think the most tag will display ( and good for SEO too ) and i try to add in below All News menu without background ( display as text ) and look... bad. So are you really want to do this sir ?

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