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Sample Snapshot with "Users"

Hi There Here is a sample file with 10 sample "Users" only with their emails, addresses etc. The major challenges that lies with our project are, 1. It is easy to find companies who use or have used 6 sigma strategies but tough to zero in exactly which dept. 2. Most of these companies are big and prefer a contact form for inquiries & partnerships & don't prefer an email id. Having said that, this is only a challenge & not a impossibility. Quite interstingly I did found many VPs, HR Managers, LEAN managers & BB/GB/YBs on linked in working in many different companies which clearly shows that those companies are current "Users". Let me know if I can do anything for you, the image is small but readable, please save it on your PC and see if these are correct. Now in total I would have 10 Users (Emails) + 50 Training & Consulting Firms.(Emails) + 15 T&C firms (Without Emails) = 75 in total to submit finally. Regards Extra Mile Services

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    Right Click Save on PC then Zoom if required ... Zoom with (Top) Arrow key or Ctrl + depending on what software u use thanks!

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