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A.- Overview

This document outlines the design requirements for a mobile application aimed at playfully engaging users by simulating a child repeatedly calling out to their mother in various languages and genders. The application will consist of three main screens, each requiring specific visual elements and interactive widgets. The design must be delivered as vector images to ensure scalability and adaptability across different device sizes and resolutions.

Screen 1: Language and Gender Selection
Objective: Allow the user to select the application's language and the child's gender.


1.- Title Text: "Choose Language and Gender"
2.- Language Selection Dropdown: A dropdown menu listing available languages.
3.- Gender Selection Buttons: Two buttons, one for selecting a boy and another for selecting a girl.
4.- Continue Button: To proceed to the next screen based on the selections.
Design Considerations:

1.- Use intuitive icons for language and gender.
2.- Ensure the design is culturally neutral and accessible.

B.- Screen 2 and 3: Child Interaction
Objective: Display an interactive child character (boy or girl based on the previous selection) who can be triggered to call out "Mom" in the chosen language.


1.- Child Image (Idle): An image of the child in a neutral state.
2.- Child Image (Speaking): An image of the child speaking or shouting, to be shown during audio playback.
3.- Play Button: To start the audio playback of the child calling out.
4.- Stop Button: To stop the audio playback.
5.- Settings Button: To return to the Language and Gender Selection screen.

Design Considerations:

1.- Create engaging and expressive child characters.
2.- Ensure play and stop buttons are easily distinguishable.
3.- The settings button should be intuitive, possibly represented by a gear icon.

Additional Requirements

1.- The design should be user-friendly, appealing to children and adults.
2.- Prioritize accessibility in design, ensuring it is usable for people with disabilities.
3.- Adaptability across various devices and screen sizes is crucial.

C.- Deliverables

The designer is expected to provide a comprehensive design package that includes the following assets, ensuring consistency and adherence to the application’s visual identity:

1.- Vector Images for Screens:

Screenshots as vector images for:

- Language and Gender Selection Screen
- Child Interaction Screen
- Settings Screen

Vector Images for Widgets and Icons:

- Including language selection dropdown, gender selection buttons, play and stop buttons, and the settings (gear icon) button.

Child Character Illustrations:

- In both idle and speaking/shouting states.

Detailed Color Palette:

- A separate deliverable that specifies the color palette, including hex codes for primary, secondary, background, and text colors. This palette is crucial for ensuring consistency across all design elements and should be adhered to in all aspects of the application’s design.

Typography Specifications:

- Details on the primary and secondary fonts, including sizes, weights, and use cases.

Interactive Elements and Feedback Cues:

- Visual and interaction design specifications for interactive elements, including hover states, active states, and feedback cues.

Accessibility Guidelines:

- Recommendations for ensuring the app is accessible to users with disabilities, including contrast ratios, font sizes, and alternative text for images.

Design Grid and Sizing Guidelines:

- Specifications for margins, padding, and element sizing to ensure a consistent layout across different screens.

Style Guide Document:

- A comprehensive guide that includes all the design specifications, color codes, typography, iconography, and implementation notes. This document will serve as a reference for developers and other designers to maintain visual consistency throughout the application.

D.- Color Palette Deliverable

The color palette deliverable should include:

- Primary, Secondary, Background, and Text Colors: Each with hex codes, RGB values, and CMYK values where applicable.
- Usage Guidelines: Descriptions of where and how each color should be used within the app to maintain consistency and enhance the user experience.
- Accessibility Considerations: Ensure that color combinations meet accessibility standards for text readability and visual impairment

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