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Web Redesign Selection: Submit 2 project pages is an entertainment site about celebrity sightings and news with many pictures and map information available.
Designer should feel free to propose new color code and fonts. Logo and icon will be adjusted or completely changed if needed.
Designer should submit design proposition for two pages of the site: home page and any event page (click on any sighting).

Based on those submission, Smarp will select one designer for all the site and produce design, icons, and style sheets for the whole site.

Final design and style sheets should support web and mobile with various screen sizes so only designers able to produce so should submit samples.

Have a look at the current site to understand the service.

I. Home Page for

1/ Most of the page is used to present encapsulated sightings in columns (number of columns variable depending screen size).

2/ Most capsules contain sightings but some capsules may contain the top story of the day, or top sightings or some advertising (so there is a possibility to differentiate the capsules). It is recommended to propose ONE wider capsule to promote one (or several with automated scroll) trending story or sighting.

3/ Sightings and stories can be sorted in different ways (chronology by default)

4/ Some ad reserved space on top (possibly but not necessarily on the side as we already encapsulate some)

5/ We are working on cropping the images so call capsules could have the same height. The capsule width needs to be 300 px to support ad.

6/ Sightings (and top day story) in capsule with:
o picture (could be cropped to fit one size or set of sizes or left as is)
o title (up to 250 char)
o description (up to 250 char)
o date (friendly format or not)
o source, link and logo for the source
o limited sharing options (extended in detailed sighting page)
o flags
o like action and number of likes
o tags: by default name and location and when applicable: venue type, celebrity category, themes, top 250 celebrity, presence of a photo (always on home page), possibility to add new tags (could be reserved in detailed view).
we could have up to 10 tags and some might be long but some tags can be icons such as “sighting picture” or venue category (“nightlife”, “restaurant”, “shopping” etc.) or top 250…
o Possibly a map image to help locate

7/ Tags acting as filters on top of the page. New tags can be added and existing removed prompting new selection of events.

On home and other pages, users can do the following (links to be available in top menu)
o Search (location or names)
o Signup, Login and access profile
o See and select sightings (by default on home page) by adding and removing tags
o Navigate to Sightings, Persons and Places pages
o About Us; Terms, Conditions and Policies; Developers; Partners
o Possibly some page suggestions (places, events…)

II. Sighting detailed page for

Detailed page should contain more information about the specific sighting with:
- larger pic and map information
- more possibility to share
- options to comment, edit, flag
- see other sightings of the celebrity or at the same location
- see top stories of the same celebrity
- ad space on top and right

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  • bbeckshrestha
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    have a look at #30 thanks

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • codeunderground
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Select anyone? can i enter contest?
    Thanks :)

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • madhiyadeveloper
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    hi, there
    you need psd only or need both psd and development? my portfolio link below and i want some discussion with you whenever this webiste or personal chat. if we will discuss about mentioned project i hope we will make sharpen in our creation.

    • 9 vuotta sitten
    1. SmarpProjects
      Kilpailun järjestäjä
      • 9 vuotta sitten

      we'll need psd for the contest but winner should provide be able to provide styles sheets.

      • 9 vuotta sitten
    2. edbryan
      • 9 vuotta sitten

      dude, this is a contest section, just submit your design. this is not personal project. remember a CONTEST. get it?

      • 9 vuotta sitten
  • SmarpProjects
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    6/ more events should be displayed when scrolled so think how you reconcile that with bottom banner 7/ you dont need to keep the current colors 8/ remember we need homepage AND one event page 9/ finally, the winner should be able to provide style sheets for the project and those style sheets shall work for both web (different resolution) and mobile.

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • SmarpProjects
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Please read carefully the requirements. 1/ we dont want any ads on the right, just the banner and one as a capsule. 2/ after consideration, capsules height should be the same 3/ the story of the day width should be of 2 capsules. 4/ there is a need for space somewhere before the capsules for the users to see what tags are selected and add more. By default the homepage will only display events with tags: photo & top 250... [those can be icons and/or text] but others can remove those tags (if they remove top250 but leave photo as is, they will see events for all celebrities with photos etc.) or ad more to filter further. 5/ in the menu bar, we need all the options as explained in the description but it might be a good idea to separate and make smaller (about us, terms, developers) from (events, persons, places, stories)

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • DaniMedia
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    I can help design your banner. Please contact me for more info. Also you are welcome to review my website @

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • alpyraj81
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Hi, Please check #6 . Let me know the feedback. Thanks!

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • sethusreeram
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    working on it sir,please wait

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • steffinjoseph
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Please check #2

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • okakzai
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    You need HTML/CSS too?

    • 9 vuotta sitten

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