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Icons for

I went with a more modern, flat look on these with font that progressively thickened with each difficulty level. Please let me know what you think.

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  • GraphicDude
    • 8 vuotta sitten

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll implement the changes you requested and resubmit. Could you explain what you mean by the mountains don't look very inviting? I want to make sure I fully understand what you're looking for. Thanks.

    • 8 vuotta sitten
  • Garlicroast
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    • 8 vuotta sitten

    I like the profile of the mountains. I don't like the progressively thickened font, however. Can you rework your designs so the name of the tour is more apparent. Finally, although the mountains have a good profile, I'm not sure they look very inviting. Each icon different color...good.

    • 8 vuotta sitten