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safe bracelet

Bracelet from silicone, delicate and easy to hide under glowes or shirt - not everybody has to see that. Two parts, one with battery, gps module and easy to push buttons - in this idea kid would have to hold a button for a while to activate a mode. Two modes: standard day mode is off the comment - bracelet looks and nothing else. First night mode is a standard- a part of braccelet glow in the night - fluorescent. Second mode after activation allow to glow a whole colour part of bracelet - that give a night safe for walking kid. Two modes of gps, one is a standard location, after pushing a safe button, the tracker alarms parent that there is a danger or bad situation in come. What but closing? A magnetic stick can hold it - I use it in watch I wear, in door lock in my house etc- very simple to make, and effective. Micro usb for charging- like smarphone, and reading data like kids day track, stops etc. That the idea of mine. I would be honored to hear Ur comment. Best regards

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  • johnbaem
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    • 8 vuotta sitten

    i really appreciate your ideas but this is advance. kids need simplicity and fun design. this is robotic and like a surveillance tracker. TQ

    • 8 vuotta sitten
    1. barwnewnetrze
      • 8 vuotta sitten

      hello there, thank U 4 Ur opinion, I think it can be much simplier in form. I ve done a thing tkat will make parent calm when his kid is going out home. But if there have to be much simplier in mind, i'll do my best and make it today

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