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  • niccroadniccroad
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Thanks for the feedback.
    A more human 'i' as in the physical letter shaped like a person or the 'i' looking for like the actual letter?
    Before I came up with this one, I did have the idea of making 'i' more of a slit, kind of like a cats eye. I can upload that idea if you like.
    Next, yes, I can incorporate the look and feel of that site no problem. Is there any particular colour you'd like me to use?
    Thanks again for your feedback.

    • 9 vuotta sitten
  • FirstFrontline
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Your logo is currently favourite. We like it because the logo image says "I Quote" which is correct. The next favourite is from a different artist and theirs says "I Search" which is also very powerful. Some feedback is we want to know is it possible to have a slightly more human "i" without it looking silly. Next feedback is it will fit into a webpage with colour and look and feel of http://myob.com.au

    • 9 vuotta sitten