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Hello, This my entry for your contest . This file is full editable , if you liked my design I can send the other side design :-) Please if you need any changes don' hesitate to contacte me :)

Kilpailutyö #10 kilpailussa                                                 Design a flyer for Crossfit Malaga

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  • CrossfitMalaga
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    • 9 vuotta sitten

    What about the back side?? And about main image, just choose one from facebook, if later you need high quality i can send you :) Thanks for your interest!!

    • 9 vuotta sitten
    1. abdelaalitou
      • 9 vuotta sitten

      OK I will send the backside , the conception of the front side is good ? If there is somethings to change don't worry .waiing for your answer :)

      • 9 vuotta sitten