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Hi! Please check my entry. If you approve the entry, we'll work together to make any changes you have in mind to the video. I hope to have a long lasting relationship with you and your company. I will offer you very affordable prices if you need any more animation videos done during your venture.

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  • hussam23
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    Thank you.
    1. I will charge $300 per minute worth of video given that you will order more projects in the long term however, the price may gradually decrease. We also require a $75 deposit before every video which will be deducted from the overall price of the video.
    2. Yes is our website, and all the work on the website is produced by us.
    3. Yes I can work with stick figure styles however, those styles are not in that much demand.
    4. I will provide you with a flash file if you require it.


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  • videoclaus
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    I liked your entry, but have to do a few considerations before I would award the project. I need to know what to expect when I would continue to work with you in the future for more projects.

    How much would you charge if I'd order a next (similar) project from you in the future?
    I notice you used the same cartoons in the "" project. Is that your own website or is that another client?
    Would you be able to create other visual styles or will you always work with the same visuals?
    Will you hand out the source files (I assume it's Flash)?


    • 10 vuotta sitten