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Flyers + Brochure

Hi, i worked 2 flyer designs and a 4 page brochure, i can make any ediits you need and provide editable powerpo + adobe illustrator files

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    Well deserved Winner, Congratulations! ?

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  • services47
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    Dalitso, thank you for your entry! It looks great. Let's focus on the first submission, "buying mobile homes" and also the second submission, which is the real estate design. I want the color scheme for both to be a combo of black and yellow, can you arrange that? For both the mobile home and real estate design, I'll need them to print on the following sizes: (Postcard: 4 inch x 6 inch) (Flyer: 8.5 inch Wide x 11 inch High) (Brochure: 11 inch Wide x 8.5 inch High). So the designs should be resized and edited to allow the ad to fit on these different sizes. Make the words/phrases editable so that when you send them to me, I can make changes. Let's change the mobile home pictures. I'll attach the new pictures that I want to use. Finally, change "Our Services" to read "Why Sell", and then change it from three (3) checkpoints to five (5). The five checkmarks should read: Unwanted Heritance, Facing Foreclosure, House Needs Repair, Behind On Payments, No Matter Your Situation

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