Create a Business Logo preferably vector for CBD Hemp Buisness called Dutch Brothers Cannabis

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Looking for a logo (vector?) to be used on Business Cards, Literature, and Labels etc. for a new business, consisting of Pennsylvania Amish families growing highest quality smokable hemp (CBD) as a cash crop. Two of the Amish families consist of brothers, one who grows organic produce and another who raises organic dairy cows/buffalo for the highest quality A2/A2 dairy. I often work with the dairy farm for selling the diary products.
CBD Hemp (aka cannabis with low levels of THC) is not marijuana, but looks exactly the same, smells the same, and tastes the same. Get creative! Hemp and the byproducts (CBD, etc) do not cause the same psychedelic effects, so we are not looking for the tie-dye 60s/70’s hippie style poster you’ll find on a wall!
The CBD is extracted and used in many products that provide relief from arthritis, swelling, pain, anxiety, etc. As hemp is further studied, more benefits of the plant are discovered. This is what was appealing to the Amish – they can farm a money crop to support their dream jobs too, albeit produce, dairy, etc.
I am considered an “English” to the “Amish” community. They call me Theo. I typically wear jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball hat accompanied by my notebook as I visit farm to farm to develop relationships with more Amish families to broaden our available products to sell. The Amish and my family are believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. This makes us brothers in the Lord. The hemp business started with me and the dairy Amish farmer and we were accompanied by his older Amish brother shortly after. The Amish brothers were coming up with names and came across Dutch Brothers Cannabis. Which is CBD backwards. This name is very meaningful for multiple reasons to me.
One, we are all brothers in the Lord. Two, two Amish brothers started growing hemp. Three, the younger Amish brother and I have become very close like brothers. Four, they are Pennsylvania Dutch aka Amish. Five, I used to smoke a lot of Cannabis from my earlier days and we used to use Philadelphia Dutches (Philly Blunts, or Philly Dutches) to smoke out of. And six – it’s cool DBC CBD are mirror images. Maybe that can be used as a larger image in the future Dutch Brothers Cannabis (DBC CBD)
I’m envisioning a marijuana leaf with a silhouette of two bodies standing back to back – one is wearing a baseball hat and the other is wearing an Amish straw hat. The idea is to have the two “brothers” one English and one Amish maybe leaning back-to-back… maybe one with arms crossed and one with hands in pocket… etc etc. The Amish typically have their hands in their pockets when walking around and talking. The English person is 6 foot, 2 inches tall, with a slim build. A baseball hat. For a decent look at what the facial characteristics are, it is very similar to man #4 (Van Dyke Beard Style with Semi Long Hair) at this link: Looks surprisingly close to me – blue eyes but a little more brown than blond but similar hair style. Usually a tighter buzz cut for the sides, if that helps.
For the Amish person, he should be average height 5ft-8inches. Amish have beards with no moustaches. For the purpose of the silhouette, the Amish person should have a decent-length goatee appearance, but not really long – maybe only a few inches past the chin. The older, the longer it gets. The Amish person is only 28 so he has many years to grow it longer!
Perhaps this silhouette of the two bodies make up the stem of the cannabis leaf. Or inside the leaf… get creative! You can do the cannabis leaf or the bud, but I think the leaf is easier to draw.
The idea is the company is for health purposes for people in need of a product that is grown for medicinal purposes. The Amish/English relationship between me and their family can be shown by being brothers back-to-back.

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