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Corset Crafting: A Vintage Guide

I have created the ebook as you instructed. You can modify any image or text as needed. I have mentioned the author's name as Olivia Wilson, but it can be changed later. There is a page for a quote on page 8. I hope you like it.

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    Do you think you could expand this document into a 150-200 page ebook read to be published? Would you be happy as a reader with the information you provided? Would you feel you got value for money? The winner will receive a larger contract so I want to ensure this is your best work and you could research and expand upon it. Also please cite your image sources. If you created the images yourself, please make the notation of Illustrated by (your name or pen name). If you took the image from the public domain such as a museum, please cite the museum and location.

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    1. Shuvam47
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      I can expand the document to a 150-200 page book or ebook. As a reader, I am satisfied with the information provided and feel that I have received value for my money. This work can be improved further and expanded. All the images used are licensed from PIXELS and PIXABAY, as well as AI-generated images.

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