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Hello great Buyer, I can give myself a chance as a newcomer. I am new to this place. But I have been working in other places for many years as a social media manager. Your little cooperation will open the door of possibilities for us. I read your project details carefully. I will social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, linkedIn, pinterest, etc) post your pages neatly using the setup, cover photo, profile photo, fully optimized, fully engaged, professional title, description, and hashtags and marketing ,manage properly. I am keen to do the job and very capable. I have been doing this kind of work very efficiently for a long time. You can give me a job without any hesitation. My main target is customer satisfaction. So you will satisfy 100% after complete your project. If you need anything more please do feel free to contact me. I will be looking forward for your positive & fruitful response. Thanks & Regards marketerUttam

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