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New design

I considered change the layout and add a neutral color (white) to increment contrast and gave less visual load. I'm a lot more satisfied with this design than old; let me know if you feel the same or if have any changes :)

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  • Free2Fai
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    I am also more satisfied with this result! We are progressing :D

    I prefer another color than white. A matte color.
    Perhaps gray or red (more or less dark than the one already present). I'm not sure, Habbo Troc is represented by red and gold colors.

    Is it possible to add a small refresh button next to the title "4 mobi random"?

    Is it also possible to modify the logo "stats" and "pencil" present in this category?
    Another pencil and a graphic logo perhaps?

    At the top between the title and the magnifying glass is it possible to add the search bar?

    • 4 kuukautta sitten