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Evergreen by .O.P.Sal

Greetings! I've made design concepts and branding on the business venture you're getting into. Although the name can be altered, I've chose to use Evergreen as a company name. It's clean, simple and straightforward to the "eco-themed" products you offer. It is also easy to remember as a dot com (.com) domain or any other domain for that matter (e.g. etc.). The logo resembles a leaf - highly versatile and flexible logo silhouette that can be used in variety of eco products as you have mentioned possible expansion of selection of products. The pigment is mainly green, specifically #aad853 & #337000 with a hint of orange, black or darker green depending on variation. I've also included mock ups of shipping box, engraved wooden tablewares, and paper plate packaging. I hope that you could consider these designs and I would love to be working with you in the near future given the chance. Thanks and cheers! - O.P.Sal

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  • OPSal
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    Hi there, I hope you'd like the designs and company branding. Thanks

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