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My View: Image Resize

From my view SIZZLEPIG is very Professional website and can be use to convert any photo to Oil Paint, Frame Border, Rounded Comes, Title Shifted, Blur, Gray Scale, Sharpen, Resize and many more. Also it can handle Multiple Image processing at once which is a very useful function. The Website automatically saves projects and we can download our output anytime anywhere when we need, this is also a good feature. Also there is not any charge for 1st 100 projects. Registration is also free (Only email Verification required). I'm fully satisfied to be a proud registered member of SIZZLEPIG and this website makes my life easier, it's helping me to manage my photos. Now my challenge is to edit all my weeding photos. This is also saving my time to manage all my photos. And I hate stretched images very much. My Observations Regarding SIZZLEPIG: Very Fast & Easy registration. Very eye catching design of Lunching Page. User friendly buttons & Navigations. High Upload Speed. Minimum Process time

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    Thank-you for taking the time to try out sizzlepig. We appreciate your comments, especially your 'no stretched' approach to your work.

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