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Done with the exact same style

I made the video exactly like the videos on your channel, as you required it to be. there is a blurry photo at the beginning and there is a photo that I used twice, I could change them easily just send me what you want in their place, and I will change them in no time. I could do adjustments on the video (if you want to) and I could make a template out of it so we can work far faster in the future if you choose me for the job, we can send the template to your other editor so we keep editing at the same style for the channel I can make more than 3 videos a week, heck I can make more than 3 a day if needed (: and I should mention that I'm a professional Videographer, so if you ever needed any help in the future, like some information about cameras or how to do certain things I think I can help with what I know about the subject.

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