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Swisscoin white paper sample

Here's a sample format that I wrote as I liked the topic. To be honest, I don't think this assignment is realistic with the given specs: - $100 is very low for this topic and format. I would recommend to hire a graphic designer to work on the report layout and a copywriter for the text. - White paper is formal and fact-heavy, almost a scientific study. The website links provided do not have a lot to work on in general, and definitely have no reference material (crypto studies, articles etc.) for this to become a white paper. - I would also recommend to specify a bit more what the target audience is. Investors are quite a diversified group, so there is a big difference in writing to the "average joe" investor vs. (even semi-)professionals. My estimate: Typical 6-8 page white paper text from delivered materials incl. 1-2 revisions is ~700-800€ excl. VAT. Graphic designer roughly same if you have clear specs. Professionals are not cheap but worth every penny in these cases...

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