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Nurses are angels

Nurses are angels Nurses are actually angels for their patients. They work like angles, they care like angles or they behave like angel. Nurses has positive tone in their behaviors other than good looks, great personalities etc. Nurses make sure a comfortable living for their patients beyond patient's disabilities and pains. Nurses make sure to manage that what is a need of their patient and what is a better for their patients. Other good quality of nurses is that they are good listeners. They have understandings and patience to listen problems of their patient's nurses is expert to put themselves in other people's shoes. They understand other people problems and positions and try to find out the solutions. Senior citizen of old age patients has different issues then young patients. Senior patients cannot even walk or eat by themselves. A nurse knows each and every trick to handle and care of senior citizens or patients. For this quality of nurses many people prefer to hire nurses'

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