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Experienced Writer here with Telesales experience

I worked for a call center company for 7 years and I handled outbound calls (telesales). I've attended extensive research that taught me how to keep the customer interested. I've also learned how to handle rebuttals, how to build rapport, and most especially, the fastest way to close a sale.

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                                     kilpailussa                                         Write a short branded book on telesales for car rental

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  • budget1968
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    • 6 vuotta sitten

    Hi, will you be able to index and write from your knowledge, it must mention Budget Car & Van Rental when mentioning the company name, the book must be start to finish and including some interesting facts, case study and hints, please it has to be from a car rental point of view, are you able to do this.

    • 6 vuotta sitten
    1. beimaniago
      • 6 vuotta sitten

      Yes, I am very confident that I can do it to your satisfaction.

      • 6 vuotta sitten