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Professional academic writer at your disposal.:P

Punctuality,precision and professionalism are my main personal traits. I have previous experience in writing, rewriting and proofreading academic papers/essays/research papers/press releases and am hoping to provide you high-quality and well-researched works. About me: I finished my BA in English Literature and Civilization in 2011 and I received my Master's Degree in American Studies this June. Therefore,I am not only an expert in all areas of history and linguistics but also an ardent promoter of quality academic writing, for I have been doing this for more than a year now.All I am asking from you is to give me a shot, and you will never regret it.Do not forget to check my portfolio for sample writings so that you can get a taste of my writing style.Checking my feedbacks would give you invaluable insight into the testimonials of my previous employers who were more than happy with my services. Allow me to deliver the quality you deserve for your money!

Kilpailutyö #4 kilpailussa Write a Report for Stalin 1.5 pages double spaced. And another for the battle of augsburgh double spaced 1.5 pages

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