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The sample I have chosen is a research-based article about the practice of blood-boosting in competitive cyclists that required extensive research and fact-based evidence from credible sources. I am a content creator for the online publication the Odyssey going on my fourth year and I am experienced in producing engaging, educational and entertaining content on a wide variety of topics. I ask that you visit my page to view some more of my published content to get a better understanding of my versatility as a writer (I have provided the links to the article sample as well as my creator profile within the actual entry.) My position with the Odyssey has made me well versed in conducting online research and finding credible sources. I have also acquired advanced grammatical skills allowing me to write eloquently. To demonstrate the level of my writing: several of my articles have received thousands of views. Based on experience/writing level would charge $0.10 USD/word (Negotiable)

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