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Written test plan, with results as well

Go to this link to see the template test plan board I made. You can copy this board anytime you want to run another test. Go to this link to view my test results: My goal was to not only give a list of bugs and feedback, but also give you a tool, to help you with future testing. You can copy that test plan out any time you want to test a different device or browser. If you make any changes you can just add a few more test steps to the template. If you want you can hire me to do those things for you ha ha. Anyhow, I hope this helps you out. I like what you guys are doing there. I see a lot of potential. Especially if/when you start getting into analytics, and charting. I am sure you can grab some sweet data. I may keep poking around the site, and if I find anything I will let you all know. Andy

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