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VR UI/UX Challenge by NASA

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Do you want to help NASA understand users’ comfort level in taking autonomous air taxis? Do you have a good design eye? Are you good at creating high-fidelity mockups? Do you understand how to design for VR? Then you should participate in this UI/UX Challenge. You will have 3 weeks to submit a Figma mockup and prototype for the NASA VR Air Taxi Passenger Experience application to simulate flying in an air taxi. You will have a chance to win one of up to 10 $100 prizes awarded to the most intuitive and innovatively designed solutions.
(MUST READ) See the complete Challenge Rules & Requirements (attached in Files section)
Challenge timeline: Sept 20, 2023 - Oct 11, 2023
Prize Description: Up to 10 winners will receive at least $100 each.
Total Cash Prize: $1,000 USD
Complete Challenge Rules & Requirements: Attached with this page
NASA is creating a VR application simulating the passenger experience of riding in an urban air taxi. The application will allow users to experience the sensations of being in an air taxi and will be used to understand whether people experience discomfort and from what stimuli. Prior to building out the application, we want you to help design the User Interface/User Experience by developing a mockup of the VR application.
You will need to create a high-fidelity mockup using Figma, and a Figma prototype of all required sections. We have provided some assets for you to use in the mockup, a user flow through the screens, and actions the user will need to perform in each section. The top ten submissions judged to showcase good functionality, design, usability, and innovation will each win $100.
Users will be using VR headsets to experience a simulated flight in an air taxi and indicate when they feel discomfort and how long the discomfort continues. Once in the VR environment, they will take a test flight to practice using the controls and then two full flights. Before and after each flight they must answer a questionnaire.
We will provide: necessary text files for the introduction and questionnaires, background screens to be used during flight and other places as needed. You must create a high-fidelity mockup using Figma, and a Figma prototype of the required portions of the VR application.
Your task will be to create all the screens and the flow through the project. You are also asked to be creative and create the best user experience. While we have created the flow and provided some graphics and text files, you can figure out the best ways for the user to complete the experience. This might include how they indicate their discomfort level or how they navigate through the questionnaires.
All of the following screens must be included in your prototype. We have provided graphic and text files for you to use in your prototype. You may also use your own graphics or text files but they must be included in your submission. For the text files, the users must be able to provide the information requested, however you may create a better way for the user to interact with the form.
 Prior to Entering the VR Environment:
Main Menu 
A general welcome screen to the VR App.  
Informed Consent  
Because the experience data is to be used for scientific purposes, it must be accompanied by additional user-provided information to provide context. Furthermore, US Federal Law requires informed consent from all study participants.  
The app must provide the necessary information to allow the potential participant to make an informed choice to participate and record the participant’s consent. This information will be collected on their computer prior to beginning the VR experience.  
User Actions: Read, Provide consent by signing and dating, move to the next form 
Demographic and Personal Information  
This is a series of questions to provide background information relevant to the study. 
User Actions: Read instructions, Select responses for questions (some required, some are not), move to starting the VR App 
 Within the VR Environment:
Main Menu (you must create this screen) 
Includes general introduction, description of the application and what they’ll be doing within the application.  
User Actions: Continue, Pause, or Exit the application. 
Practice Test Flight (you must create this screen or use the sample flight video) 
This flight demonstrates what the experience will be like. It will also be used to train the users to indicate discomfort. The user will be told when to press and when to release the discomfort “button.”.   
User Actions: Press the discomfort “button,” complete the test flight and continue through the App, pause, or exit the test flight in the middle or after the test flight. 
Pre-Flight Questionnaire  
A multiple-choice form asking the user about their general state of mind. 
User Actions: Fill out the questionnaire, pause, continue, or exit the App. 
Full Test Flights 
Users will be asked to take at least two test flights. During each flight they will be asked to indicate discomfort whenever they are experiencing discomfort and for how long.  
User Actions: indicate discomfort, continue through the end of the flight, pause, or abort the flight.  
Post-Flight Questionnaire  
Asks the same questions as in the Pre-Flight Questionnaire but related to their experience during the flight. Also asks why they pressed the discomfort button. 
User Actions: Answer questions, pause, choose to take next flight, or exit application. 
 After Exiting the VR Environment: 
Post-Study Questionnaire  
Upon exiting the VR Headset, whether or not they completed the flights, the user will be asked to complete a post-study questionnaire on their computer.  
User Actions: Answer questions (short essay and multiple choice) or exit the program. 
Required features included in the Mockup: See Complete Challenge Rules & Requirements Document
September 20, 2023 - Challenge Launch
October 11, 2023 - Submission Deadline
October 27, 2023 - Winners Announced
To be eligible for judging, you must:
Be eligible or be from an eligible team.
Create a full color high-fidelity mockup and prototype in Figma of all required features of the VR Air Taxi App.
Submit a PDF of the Submission Form on the Challenge website by the deadline.
The final submission for the challenge is a completed high-fidelity mockup and prototype of the required screens. The mockup must be submitted from Figma; the links to your file and prototype must be included in your Submission Form. (Read Complete Challenge Rules & Requirements Document)
Judging of all submissions will occur after the submission deadline. A panel of judges will review the submissions and rank them based on the judging criteria.
Quality & Functionality - 20 points
Usability & Innovation - 40 points
Design & Look/Feel - 40 Points
(Read Complete Challenge Rules & Requirements Document for more information)
By participating in a contest, each participant (whether an individual, group of individuals, or entity) must agree to and abide by the following: Freelancer Eligibility Policies, Freelancer User Agreement, and the Freelancer Copyright Infringement Policy. Each participant must complete and comply with the Freelancer KYC process. All team members must meet Freelancer eligibility policies.
All team members must be at least 18 years old and must be eligible to receive payment under the laws of the United States.
United States federal sanctions prohibit participation from individuals and teams from certain countries (see:, and governments of countries on the Tier 3 list on page 54 of the 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report (
Challenge Team and partners are not eligible to participate. Federal employees acting within the scope of their employment are not eligible to participate. Any individual or entity associated with the development or administration of this challenge is ineligible to compete. Government contractors working on the same or similar projects are ineligible to participate in the Challenge.
Funds from U.S. or foreign government organizations should not be used to directly fund the development of a solution to this Challenge. Solutions that were previously developed with Government/Federal funds, or where Government/Federal funds, including but not limited to, employee time, materials, and reviews, were utilized to prepare the submission or solutions are prohibited.
Note: A team or individual may submit more than one solution to the challenge. However, each submission must be a substantially different solution. For example, the design or the user interaction with the application are substantially different. Additional submissions will be pre-screened to ensure the team is eligible and the submissions are substantially different. If two submissions from the same team are deemed to be too similar, only the most recent submission will be considered for judging.
Solutions must originate from either the U.S. or a designated country (see definition of designated country at, OR have been substantially transformed in the US or designated country pursuant to FAR 25.403(c).
The solution shall not include proprietary components or anything that requires licensing.
Submissions must be uploaded to the Challenge page before the deadline, October 11, 2023 17:00 ET. No late submissions will be accepted.
All submissions must be in PDF format, in English, and machine readable (not handwritten).
The winning participants will transfer any and all intellectual property rights to @BlueClarity when awarded the prizes.
The @BlueClarity reserves the right to negotiate licenses for additional submitted solutions.
You agree to the terms set forth herein and to all decisions of NASA and Challenge Partners, which are final and binding in all respects.
Scores from the judging panel will not be shared with the Competitors.
 Please submit your questions in the Challenge’s Public Clarification Board.
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Md.Aftab U.
2 kuukautta sitten
So Freelancers from Bangladesh are not allowed, right? However, It's not their fault. It's basically our fault.
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Asif B.
2 kuukautta sitten
Why can't I do any work??
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Miral S.
2 kuukautta sitten
Could it be extended? Or can I submit if I didn't complete all required screens?
Käyttäjän avatar
Aqsa K.
2 kuukautta sitten
Hi, Can you tell me the screen size? Are there any Preferred colours?
Käyttäjän avatar
Pavlo M.
2 kuukautta sitten
Have a good uptime of a day. Why not counting my years of time I connected & providing here? Clock, time is of the essence. Not to waste a lot of my focused time by disregarding, lightly not taking me into account. To help. What on me to do? It is usually done in focus group, dedicated team in background. The data questionnaires, navigation elements are [text edit] and [label], [pushbutton] forms I can do in framework, then for flight control (depending on rotor configurations(hire me to work on if you need)) if needed my unique novel idea is to design it with meticulous research on similarities / differences between VAN, MiniVAN Electric or ICE 4 wheeled road ground vehicle(can be for extraterrestrial hybrid logistics, novel research direction only with me) to helicopter and so controls in HMI I can do IFF you hire me. To R&D moving controls for helicopters need to contact & hire me directly, OK, and not random. I have my developed relevant assets are for sale now.
Käyttäjän avatar
Amin A.
2 kuukautta sitten
Pakistanis can't participate in the contest?
Käyttäjän avatar
Amandeep S.
2 kuukautta sitten
Hi! I didn't find my country in the eligibility link.
Käyttäjän avatar
Amin A.
2 kuukautta sitten
Hi, everyone, Kaushik, who is from the Freelancer staff (confirmed), messaged me and has clarified that this is in fact a project from NASA. Please go ahead and post your entries :)
Käyttäjän avatar
Amin A.
2 kuukautta sitten
Please give us proof that this is from NASA as the prize is too low for the requirements and one would only work on this if this was from NASA but I don't think it is

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