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The Lovers Illustration & design

Hope you like the style. The colorfulness is kind of my representation of powerful energy. Bold blues and warms represent such strong emotions.

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  • osher1971
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    I really liked this picture. It reminds me a little of Luis Royo, who also did a Dark Tarot. I liked the expression, the emotions, and the feelings. The colours were unusual, but they stood out, and I could 'feel' what was behind them. It's not going to win the contest, because it's not really a style I can use, but the purpose of the contest was to find an artist I could feel comfortable with, for style. I wish I could say yes, because I liked it so much. However, if I do another Tarot deck, I could see myself approaching you, if I want a darker schemed deck. Thanks for all the effort you put in. I do appreciate it.

    • 3 kuukautta sitten