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Second attempt

Hi, here is my second draft, trying to put third party as a person. Your review would be very helpful. Thank you very much.

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  • osher1971
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    • 2 kuukautta sitten

    I can see that you've understood the subject. Anatomically you've drawn the breasts really nicely, a nice location, size, shape, etc (you'd be surprised how often they look wrong!). The style isn't though one I like, I really preferred the earlier one, which looked really special. The on-looker I'd want as looking rejected (Which he is), but that's something that can be worked on. Based on the two submissions I'll need to pass on a win, but really think we could work together on another card. It is with a heavy heart that I can't award you the win.

    • 2 kuukautta sitten
    1. saiyaneia
      • 2 kuukautta sitten

      I thank you deeply for giving time to give feedbacks. Even though this is not a winner, I really looked up to your feedback so that I can enhance my skills and understanding more about tarot and collaboration, and it is such great for me, and I will keep on doing tarot and esoteric art so I would be able to join and participate with the community one day. I wish you a good journey on the tarot creation ahead with great artists here. Thank you and cheers!

      • 2 kuukautta sitten