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Platformer 2D/2.5D

Idea: A ragdoll platformer and the controls are much like happy wheels. The main player, which is a skeleton, is able to throw its own body parts to attack humans and gain more bones to further build its skeletal body. Controls: - Using a virtual joystick to move around - Leg and Arm buttons to throw either leg or arm - A jump button to jump Game Goal: - Survive the level to go to the next. -At the end of each and every level, there's a skeleton friend waiting to be saved by the player. The friend will become a playable character when saved. Victory Condition: -Survive the level to go to the next. (Pass through a door/portal) Lose Condition: - If only the head is remaining. (All parts have been thrown away or damaged by enemies). -Enemies will have the ability to knock down body parts, and if the head is detached from the player, then automatically, it's game over. MAIN FEAT: The skeleton body will have random joints at the most interesting places that makes the body unique. Refer pic

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  • gamesforgirlsou
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    Hi, I like the idea. Even nothing to criticize :) will set 4 stars for now just in case there are more interesting entries

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  • thecreeperid
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    Read the second picture first. Thanks!

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