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Aaron Jackson's Streaming Wolf Logo

I wanted to create a simple logo and layout to simulate movement for the streaming concept. I created this movement by staggering the beginnings of the words 'Streaming' and 'Wolf'. I filled in the space left by the staggering with Streaming Wolf's logo. The 'Streaming' text uses the wolf's eye color as a fill with a lighter version of the wolf's fur to make the name stands out. The 'Wolf' text uses a darker version of the wolf's fur as a fill with the same stroke as 'Streaming' to provide a focal point that people's eyes could move to. I pulled the Bubble Comics Font from Font Space to add a bubble-styled font to compliment the friendliness of the wolf. I also wanted the font to look somewhat standard and be easy to read. For the wolf, I simplified the colors and removed the tongue from the wolf in the example image. The reasoning behind removing the tongue is because it makes the wolf more appealing to older audiences.

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