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Mathematical Problem in EXCEL

Hi CH ! I tried to solve and predict the formula for Column D values, but there are some contradiction in data. Please check my detailed entries. Need your feedback on my approach. There is no relation of Col D values with Group S values as inversely proportional [Highlighted in blue in pics]. Similarly there is no directly proportional relation in particular found for Group T with Col D. And many records are with same S & T values are giving different Col D values [ I highligted in Yellow in pics]. Please check all of my submitted entries. Need your feedback on this.

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  • SoniaZee
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    The results seem to be some sort of experimental data to me. And you want to relate it in an equation w.r.t Grp S and Grp T. As you said increasing S will cause decrease in Col D. This is not actually happening. The plot shows Both S and T have almost same trend but with a certain "LAG" and this lag seems to be at constant rate. The impact S make with lower values, it is is also made by T at its comparatively higher value. Seems like col D is more sensitive on Change in S. I don't know this should be a part of discussion or not. But I have submitted my another entry for the change in S and T and their impact on Col D values change as you asked. Check that too. Plz guide with your feedback. Your input is very important.

    • 5 kuukautta sitten