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One Daily Drop Living Calendar

Water a plant and still have a sustainable calendar. This is the idea of ​​"One Daily Drop Living Calendar," a kind of "living calendar" created by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The goal of the product is to instill simple and sustainable habits in individuals. Around the product, there are two glass structures and, in one of them,are written the months of the year, together with an adjustable clip that can be moved upwards over the months. By doing so, the user is on the days of the year and still accompanies the growth of a plant. Once the seed has been selected, 0.5 kg of fertilized soil should be placed in the pot with the grain. Then the eyedropper needs to be filled with water and the flow must occur once a day. When the effluent water runs out, it means a month has passed. So,just raise the side clip for the next month and repeat the process. With just one finger and three seconds of your time, you give water to a plant and life to a calendar

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