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- We will help with complete onsite and offsite. We have huge experience in WP sites. Our site is WP based as well - -We will provide a list of keywords based on the website url and the target audinece. BLOG is necessary for high rankings these days. If there is no blog (and its regular updation) regret high rankings cannot be achieved. Phase 1. Onsite seo audit - based on 24 SEO parameters to make the site SEO complaint. Costs - $75 for recommendations and another $75 for implementation (optional - you can get the implementations done from your designer/developer) Phase 2. Offsite seo (Link building) - After phase 1 is completed we will start phase 2 We agree that we will never contact the client directly neither use this project in our portfolio. Ready to sign an NDA to this effect. Regards, Melinda

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