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SEO / SEM services

For having a successfully SEO / SEM campaign, it will take more that an one time directory submission and on page seo. If you do to much from the start, google will penalize you for sure. To offer a price quota now it is impossible, because we have no idea on what keywords you want to boost your google positions. On some keywords that can be done easily and with low costs, but on others with high competition it can takes more than an year and you will need you to provide founds for buying links, posts etc. We are interested in long terms cooperation, so we agree to make a test project with you. SEO / SEM for the first website will cost you almost nothing for 1-4 months, so we can prove our capabilities. But we do require you to help us give our best. So, your client should now that adding information to the website need to be done constantly. All experienced SEO / SEM companies will require this. Our goal is not providing the smallest price, but best results/costs ratio .

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