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Hi there, This is Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad,Junior Web Developer at CSB IT House,Dhaka,Bangladesh.I 've created more than 150+ website Here's a demo : Now I want to create your website.Please provide me the following Information & iteams: 1.C-penel Login Information 2.Domain Name 3.Restaurant Name 4.Content for your website Offer for you: -If you select me as an winner,I will provide you 100+ Bangladeshi Cooking Recipes for Free for your restaurant. -Any time Data Entry like Content publishing Work for $5/hr. I hope,You will select me as an winner.Best wishes for you & Your Restaurant. Regards Mohammad Riyaduzzaman Riyad Owner at Riyad IT House,Dhaka,Bangladesh Junior Web Developer at CSB IT House,Savar,Dhaka,Bangladesh.

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