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Design proposal

Hey! I saw your contest, and really liked it. The idea of the website is quite interesting, and it's very motivating that you are working on this project by yourself, as the developer. We can team up and try to make a design that you really vibe with!~ Here I attached a redesign of one of your pages ( Add a label ), in both mobile and desktop view, is just something that I came up with, but since there isn't a guideline on the contest's description about how should the design look. I did this because I thought 80s aesthetics would be more atractive for the kind of person that would visit this site, but it can be something else np. We can talk in call or text-chat, to figure it out! I wanna clarify that for the offered amount I'm going to be doing only a design. I'm a fullstack developer aswell, I would ask for around 350$ to do the whole thing: Design + Responsive Front-end, and I'm very flexible if you'd like me to work with vanilla JS or any particular framework I can do! Cheers!

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  • Salomondc8
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    I changed my mind! Will do everything, both design and front-end for said prize! Design will be always subject to your review/change. Looking forward to work with you!

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