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Landscape Your Garden - Kindle mobi format

You can download the mobi file from dropbox at following link which is about 38 MB only. Feel free to ask if you face any problems. Regards --Priya

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  • DrRosie
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 5 vuotta sitten

    Well done Priya... only one problem when I read the mobi file on my kindle reader on my PC, it is rotated 90 degrees one way and the next page 90 degrees the other. Can this be made to read like a normal book please?

    • 5 vuotta sitten
    1. techny456
      • 5 vuotta sitten here is the link which i have converted, i am done with this conversion 26 hours ago and was waiting for your reply,

      • 5 vuotta sitten
    2. priyaxp
      • 5 vuotta sitten


      I have corrected the orientation problem and submitted the the zip file on freelancer, please check them!

      I thank you very much for giving me the award.


      • 5 vuotta sitten