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The Wolf

I drew this on Adobe Illustrator, so this is a vector file. It's only a 3 color design, good on silkscreen print. Hope you like it. A feedback is appreciated. Thank you. :)

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  • pjayb
    Kilpailun järjestäjä
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    I like it but it's 2 colors that are not in the logo so in total it would be a lot of colors

    • 3 vuotta sitten
    1. crayonscrayola
      • 3 vuotta sitten

      hello sir, already copied the color palettes of your logo.
      Check this:

      • 3 vuotta sitten
    2. kyriene
      • 3 vuotta sitten

      Hi sir. Could you check my entry that I didn't managed to submit. I think you would like it.

      • 3 vuotta sitten