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Training DVD cover Design

Good day Thank you for your invitation to design your cover I am highly honored. This is what I have designed according to what I have understood from your request. As for my picture used I did go the same route as all the other designers due to the fact that I know here I south Africa we are not allowed to use an image of a persons face without their consent. So if you don't like the image please can you provide me with one and I will be more than willing to change it. If there is anything you would change please feel free to let me know as to what. I hope you like it .

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  • elizewatkins
    • 3 vuotta sitten

    Thank You, I'm Glad you love it! I will get going with the changes and submit when I'm done.

    • 3 vuotta sitten
  • b21pubs
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    • 3 vuotta sitten

    Elize- I LOVE your design!!!! The only thing that i would want to change is to make the title stand out more and the logo less. So maybe you could try one of these two things: Either make the yellow part smaller and move the pictures further down so that you can make the title larger OR, move the title down to the yellow area where the logo is now and move a small logo to the top. Thanks for your great work! -Elise

    • 3 vuotta sitten