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Social Media Manager

Hello, Good Day! I can see that you are looking for Google and Facebook Ads expert. Experience is the golden factor with this type of project and I have 6+ years of working experience in all of the categories that you need assistance with. As a Certified Google Ad Specialist, I will set up and optimize every detail of your Google Ad campaigns program to drive high quality, industry-specific traffic & will help you get the maximum ROI, leads/sales, & conversions on the lowest CPC. Reasons directly influence the successful Ad words campaign of your website: * Conversion tracking code. * Content of your ads and Landing page. * How many negative keywords you are using in your campaign. * Display ads network * Keywords and Search Terms. I will create & manage your Ad campaign and provide an analytics reporting for ongoing projects as you required and also I can create all types of Facebook ads, this includes: * Carousal ads, * Catalogue ads * Message ads * Lead campaigns

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                                     kilpailussa                                         Need a Social Media Manager (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) $100/month

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