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LOCAL LOCATORS!(connecting lives)

i have made two more logos with names as per the requirement of the contest holder. You might find the first one a bit weird,but wait let me explain it a bit! PICTURE 1- since the letters "L,O,C,A" are common in both the words which are 'LOCAL' and 'LOCATORS' hence i have merged them to shorten it up. from the letter 'A' respectively goes following two roads: first for 'L' making it the complete word 'LOCAL' and second for 'T A R S' making it complete word 'LOCATORS'. it has a small delivery bike too,expressing delivery services of the website. also its been running upon the road itself and the importance of the road i have mentioned in the previous entry of mine. OK, so talking about the second entry, the logo clearly speaks about itself as there is a delivery bike with a delivery box, in which the name of the website is there! it too runs on a road, and significance of road is already mentioned in the description. That's all! i hope the contest holder and the spectators find it diff.

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