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nails logo

i hope you like it! please tell me if you need some improvements. thanks

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                                     kilpailussa                                         $30 MAX. I need a logo created from my sketch provided. And need you to put this logo on business card and thank you card. - 27/02/2021 16:33 EST

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  • tipndripnails
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    Hello, I like your interpretation so far. If you could make the following changes:
    -different style text, a bit more fancy and girly
    -shading on the nails to make look more cartoonish
    -touch up the dripping part to ,see the drip look a bit more like the reference pictures I attached
    -the middle nail make look like it has a jewel on it
    -if you could shape the nails a bit better(the bottom part of the nail more curved so it looks like an actual press on nail) ...please google what press on nails look like
    Thank you!

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