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If you need professional music for your project

Hi, I´m a professional sound engineer from Finland, Europe. I Produce, mix, master and I´m also a musician. I´ve been doing this since I was 5-10 years old and It has slowly turned into a proper job for me, so I´m glad. I´ve worked with radio, TV, individual artists, bands, even with a chorus. I´ve studied to be an sound engineer in tornio, Finland 2001-2004. I promise to you that whatever I´m working on, I´ll work hard to make the final product sound just like you want it to sound. I offer free revisions and I´ll mix and master the tracks for free. Your project sounds interesting. I´ve made music for games before, so I´m not gonna let you down. I´d like to start planning, stop waiting and start working. Here´s some music samples of mine: I´d like to talk more about this game of yours. I hope to hear from you. Have a great day. ,Tomi Leppikangas

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