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Hello, -We shoot actual commercials with cinema cameras, we make animation videos commercials, we direct and get the whole things done. We are located in Egypt but we have access to US and EU Actresses and Actors. Please feel free to discuss this more via chat. More of our commercials are listed in the comments down below, thanks!

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  • waynevz
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    Dear Ahmed, please submit you videos here on the platform to be considered.

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  • Sonik12317
    • 1 kuukausi sitten

    Here are some commercials that we made:

    Book and Kick App first campaign Commercial

    Weelo Supermarket App Commercial:

    Book and Kick App second campaign Commercial:

    Kuario App first commercial:

    Kuario App Second commercial:

    Red Bull Can You Make It? Commercial:

    Suq Qatar App Commercial:

    Promiles Company Commercial:

    Neeve Research Commercial:

    Eventania Commercial: (first half)

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