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by Spector

This is vector, you can have any size in high quality. I drew specially for you! These are 100% my exclusive work. I hope you like it. Please rate and give me feedback. Thanks

Kilpailutyö #4 kilpailussa Illustrate something for "Puppy and Boa"

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  • kawaiicelia
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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your submission!

    What a great work! I really like it, but I have a few comments:
    - Puppy looks a bit evil for some reason haha -- it's probably the eyes?
    - It looks like Puppy is facing toward us -- would you be able to make it look like she's talking to Boa? So Puppy would need to look at Boa's direction
    - Boa is very big! Like an anaconda haha. Would you be able to make him a bit smaller?
    - Maybe Boa rolling his eyes? Or his eyes half closed and a face that says "what a silly dog".


    • 5 vuotta sitten