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PDF solution

Hello, please see my solution which works with FREE Acrobat Reader. The image quality is pretty lo so unless you can provide a better version this is he best we can do as its just a photoshop jpg. What I have setup is a 2 line entry for you to change for example, but I can change this if you need, but it gives you flexibility to change it to what you want nice and easy. It wont let me send you a PDF, so if you email me your email address I can send the the PDF file. Look forward to your replay. Cheers Dean McInnes dangermouse designs Melbourne

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  • rohitmaharaj
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    I am new to graphics etc but does the image present itself in a manner that I (1) changes names etc as and when required (2) copy and paste the image on other documents etc fax, envelope, flyers etc (3) resize image for envelope, flyer, brochure etc. without using proportionality

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    1. dangermouse99
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      Hello yes I have made a PDF which will enable you to add in information in the black area at the top right had side (can email this to you if u like) with the FREE Acrobat Reader, so will work well. Yes you can use the image on other stationery and flyers etc some will work better than others depending on the size and proportion of the document you need the image on ie. will look better on a A4 LH or A4/A5 flyer opposed to a envelope but you can still make it work. As mentioned the image is quite lo-resolution so wont be the best quality unless you can provide a better copy, but for now yes you can use it on other things. Anyway happy to keep helping you.
      Dean McInnes

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