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Greatest Love Story

You sure know the thrills of being in love The thought of a guy looking your way The holding hands, hugs and kisses But as surely as there is love, there comes anger, sudden pain And now you wonder was it me or the other? But I've got something to say The greatest love story ever explained The pursuit of God from childhood until today True love that comes from Someone not seen From Someone I know only when in need There's no greater love than this The pursuit of God no one can conceive Now I know the thrills of the rebuke and discipline The mysteries of His love and peace within Still small voice and warm presence By the most precious King Long for this kind of love than his charm It's not always in the company of man that you feel happy special In time He will be the One to hand over the guy He could flow His love into The guy you most wanted and the distinction He will tell That kind of love from man to be enjoyed on earth from that kind of love that's been there since birth

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